Anne-Marie Fiore, Ed.D.

Anne-Marie Fiore's Bio:

Named as one of the Top 100 Most Social Tech Leaders on Twitter 2015 by the Huffington Post, Anne-Marie Fiore has been the recipient of the Extreme Network Award based on her educational commitment to implementing a personalized 21st century learning environment and embodying the best in American education. Four winners from North America were selected on how well they instituted a one-on-one or mobile learning environment, facilitated individual instruction, and encouraged curricular growth.

Recently completing a doctoral degree in curriculum and instruction, Anne-Marie Fiore holds a bachelor’s degree in education from the Boston Conservatory of Music, a master’s degree in school administration and leadership from Cambridge College and a certificate in Networking and Internet Systems Management from Bentley College.

Anne-Marie Fiore's Interests & Activities:

Instructional Design, Curriculum Development, Distance Learning, Digital Learning, Technology Integration, Social Media